It is my pleasure to introduce to you “Jordan and Jane’s Tea Collection” which is a branch off the lifestyle “Jordan and Jane’s” created by myself, the founder, Jordan Gill. The idea for the hemp tea started the first month of 2016 when I had been enduring my first Colorado winter. Moving from Florida I was not keen on the winter here. Tea has always been my favorite remedy for an anxious rainy night or any flu like symptoms so I started making the hemp tea to survive the cold winter months. Once I realized that the hemp was not only beneficial but tasty I had to make tea for everyone! Every tea bag is handmade in Lafayette, Colorado. We recycle hemp stems from local farmers in the Colorado area. We encourage recycling the hemp stems since mostly everyone throws their stems in the garbage. Why throw something away when it can be processed into something wonderful?

There are two flavors right now in the tea collection, “Orange Moon” and “Purple Rain.” Hemp is the base in both of the teas but the flavors are completely different. Orange moon is our citrus flavor tea and combines the delicious hemp with orange peel, lemon grass, spearmint and a touch of honey powder. This was the first recipe created. Purple rain is our lavender flavor tea. The ingredients are hemp, lavender, rose, and small traces honey, green tea and orange peel. The lavender grows wild in Colorado and we love to use that wild love in our tea. Each tea took months to hand craft so it is an honor to have you try them. Jordan and Jane’s is based out of Colorado but it would be an honor to expand nationwide so that everyone can benefit from these delicious teas.