We will provide you and your guests at your home or venue with an afternoon/evening of ceremony and appreciation. A normal ceremony will last about an hour depending on the occasion. We will provide the cups and our own tea pot and tea (unless otherwise noted) We will also bring little bits décor to set the atmosphere but will work with what you need.

The normal tea used for a co-ed ceremony is “Green Goddess” and the tea for an all women ceremony is “Pink Lady”. However, I would LOVE to create blend specific to your occasion if you want to discuss that. If there is a specific need for the ceremony (relationships, new parents, friendships, etc) let me know and I will create something special for you.

Send us an email to discuss the details of your event and we will get a quote set up specifically for you. When sending us an email please include the number of people in your event, the location and any other details that you think are important for this experience.

I look forward to hosting this experience for you.



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