Pink Lady Hemp Tea (for women)

Pink Lady Hemp Tea (for women)


Take time to relax and balance your sweet self with this new tea. This blend is created with herbs/plants that have been studied to help women restore flow and relieve pain for centuries.  

Ingredients include: hemp, raspberry leaf, cramp bark, nettle, fennel and other natural herbs for flavor.   

This product includes 10 separate tea bags. Each bag is hand-wrapped in HempBees Hempwick. 

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Our newest blend has been created to help women balance their hormones, restore a regular flow and most importantly ease cramping and pain symptoms. Pink Lady has been created to help mend the pain in female sex organs during the menstrual cycle and relax our body and minds. I have been drinking this only for myself for some time now and I want to share it with you. Please send any feedback to 

This product does not contain thc.