October 1st - Mark That Day

I woke up on October 1st, 2016 around 6:30am; there was still so much to do. This was the first day of the rest of my life – Jordan and Jane’s is official. This is real. When I came home from Florida after my childhood friend Chelsea Moffett now Hrovat’s beautiful wedding I had three days to prepare for my tea launch and I was transitioning from one “day” job to the next. It was a little hectic but thankfully I had my father and my roomies helping me out a lot. My website was still in the process and there were some details I hadn’t quite hashed out yet but for the most part I was ready for this launch. I had to make a few stops on the way but I arrived at the Greenhouse Hydroponic store in Longmont, CO around 11:15 am to start setting up. There was two parts to their event, outside they had a live band and a grill so obviously I sat my table up outside.

I had planned to serve cold tea that I had brewed that morning and hot tea that we were going to brew on-site. It was an extremely hot afternoon though so for the most part the hot tea didn’t really take off. However, for the winter season I am prepared with a burner to make hot tea! At the event, set up was such a smooth process, it was a relief having the helping hands I had and I couldn’t have done it without the support of those who got me there. There is a great backstory to how I ended up at the Greenhouse Hydroponic  appreciation party, but for sake of time I will tell you it is all because of the great Devin Jamroz, creator of SteepFuze which is a cbd infused coffee brand. The event, in my opinion, was a great success! Everyone who was at the event stopped by to try my two flavors of tea, and they all gave out positive reviews. This one woman named Donna, she gave me great insight on matters outside of my teas but she also said that the tea took her back to Pink Floyd concert. hehe New friends were showing their support by buying the bags to share with their friends and family back at home. Others were opening up doors for collaboration and creation with me and my brand and all in all, for my first rodeo, I’d say it went really well! Now I am ready to take my brand to the next level, it is going to take effort from the whole universe but I am ready to take it all in!


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Jordan (not Jane)