February's Herb Talk

February has already been quite a challenging month for me. My day job ended so I decided it was the right time to go full time into my business. This is both terrifying and beautifully rewarding. As soon as that full moon came around I could feel the love and abundance flowing to me just as quickly as the stress and the rage. My emotions have been riding on a roller coaster this month. But one feeling stays consistent; love. Love myself. Love my peers. Love my world. 

There is only one flower I can think of (instantly) that can bring a feeling of love into my heart almost immediately after I drink it. The rose plant comes from the family Rosaceae. Roses are the universal sign for love and have been used as a sign of affection for as long as we can remember. It beings with the story of Chloris, The Goddess of Flowers, and Aphrodite when they find a lifeless being laying in the wilderness. Sadden by the death of this being, Chloris decides to breathe a new life into the being and turns it into a flower, she names it rose. Aphrodite then adds her beauty to the rose and dedicates it to her son, Eros, The God of Love. 

When drinking rose tea I immediately feel my heart opening up. I can imagine a tiny red rose blooming inside of my chest as I open myself up to more love. It is the perfect way to a day of self-healing and self-love. Sit outside, under the sun, with a cup of rose tea and I promise you will feel good. Watch as the love for YOUrself and for everyone around you grows. You deserve so much more love than you are giving to yourself. Roses also correspond with the zodiac sign, Taurus. Which is probably why I can relate to it so well. I highly suggest drinking more rose tea this month.


Now as you know, each month I am dedicating my time to learning more about different plants. Plants that I do not have much knowledge of. Usually I pull a few cards from my herbal tarot card deck and see what the universe wants to speak to me through them. The card that I pulled this month that resonated with me the most was Marshmallow Root.

Marshmallow Root: This root is part of the Malvaceae family. This plant was brought over from Europe and is now being used medicinally for people all over the world. This root has one very potent property; mucilage. Meaning that it has a slimy, almost syrup like texture to it. And a very strange, almost sweaty smell. It is used to treat bad coughs, colds and asthma. It helps sooth inflammation and general wound healing. When drinking Marshmallow Root as a tea, normally you would steep for 30 minutes up to four hours depending on how much of the mucilage you want in your tea. I steeped mine for about an hour. This root was paired with the “Queen of Pentacles” a woman who nurtures and cares for others. A woman of accomplishment. A warrior. A healer.  When drinking this tea I could feel in my root chakra the balance, the centeredness and strength of my own self. I dive into my inner warrior. Finding confidence and love in yourself is what this month is about. Spending time with this plant you will find that feeling. I will say I personally did NOT like the taste of this plant. But to each their own so I advise to at least give it a try. 


I hope you take the time to tap into more LOVE this month. And remember to always start with yourself. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. 


That is all for now.