Herbal Insights for January

This winter season and in this month I am personally feeling called to dive deeper inward toward the darkest parts of myself, so that I can find my light. I am taking the time to huddle in my home and give myself some love and care. What do I need to feel truly well? For me, January has all been about finding a little more balance, confidence and clarity. I am ready to step fully into who I already am. I AM TAKING CENTER STAGE. In order to do that I have to find the balance within myself so that I can take it further into my work and into what I want to manifest. The New Year just started so I feel like I can really begin anything. I have a clean slate. Now more than ever I am turning to mother earth for the answers. I want to tune in to what each of these plants, seasons and winds have to teach me.

Every single plant was put on this earth to heal us, not only physically by spiritually as well. Each month I am choosing to spend time with different herbs that are new to me and to my experiences. The new moon has just passed us and it gave me time to think about what patterns I am ready to release and what manifestations I want to bring in to play. As I step fully into the person I am called to be, I strip myself away from all of the heavy, negative feelings that were building up inside of me. The “I am not good enough” line or the “This is too good to be true” cliché that I would say multiple times in a week no longer applies to me. January I am taking the time to rise the queen inside of me and make way for my incredibly bright light. We are called to rise, and as I am being called I am taking the time to use what Mother Earth has already provided me to help me.

Each month I am going to pick two plants that I feel are here, energetically, to help us through whatever transition we will be going through. Because as we all know we are ever changing beings, always expanding. These findings are not based off of science but more off of my own personal intuition and a bit of research. Roots are the structure of any plant and some can be very beneficial to us. This month I am focusing on two roots. The two plants that we will focus on this month will be:

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero)

This root is part of the araliaceae family and is a plant mostly used in Chinese medicine and now modern day medicine. It has an earthy almost pepper-like taste. A touch bitter. This plant lit a fire in me when I first meditated with it. It went straight down to my root chakra and gave me this warm, balancing sensation. Like ginger, it is stimulating. Research says that this plant can be used to enhance mental acuity and physical endurance. It is used sometimes as an alternative to caffeine. This plant has been used by athletes to improve any healing process. Tap Here for more information about Siberian Ginseng. This is a stimulating root. To me it hard a dark feminine energy, dark but warm and comfortable. A balance of yin and yang. Finding the balance is the start of the whole process. Rooting down in ourselves so that we can expand and grow tall. 

Licorice Root

This is another herb that called to me during this time of the year. Licorice helps to calm down the mind and in finding some enlightenment. This month we are tapping into our full and powerful potential. Physically, this root has all types of different avenues to help us during the winter months. It soothes the soreness in our throats and eases congestion in our nasal passages which are all issues we are having right now. Finding time to not be stressed out is hard with all of the holidays and the whole “New Year” nonsense but spending time with both of these roots may help a little during this time. Licorice has a sweet, lovely taste and smell. Like candy. There is so much energy in this root that it lights up your heart and sends energy directly to the third eye. This plant shows us that serenity is sweet and we can find peace within ourselves. With that peace we can transmute it to all other areas of our lives and manifest what we truly want to create.

If you feel called, take a half table spoon of Licorice root and a teaspoon of Eleuthero root or even just a little pinch of each herb and brew that together. Take some time to tune in to your centered and beautiful self. Drink the herbal tea blend that YOU just created and translate the feeling for yourself. These again are just intuition based thoughts and by no means should you feel exactly what I am feeling but I hope that you take something away from this.


With so much love and gratitude for Mother Earth and for each and every single one of you and for my own personal journey. I hope you enjoy.



If you have any questions or insights of your own to share please email me jordan@jordanandjanes.com